'Rockin' Johnny hosts a student jam session.                          Fruteland Jackson tells us about
                                                                                                                  the early history of the blues.

“Overall this was an outstanding event that I will definitely be back for next year. The combination of a blues guitar camp with the history of blues woven in was a fantastic concept and the program excelled in both areas. Instructors were outstanding! Music selection was great. Fruteland Jackson, Billy Branch, and Roosevelt University staff were outstanding” - Tim Jozwiak

Chicago Blues Camp 2017 - Kevin & Shawnie           Chicago Blues Camp 2017 - Billy Flynn Guitar Class 
      Kevin and Shawnie                                    Billy Flynn teaches a new song to the guitar class

“The instructors were unbelievably qualified and each one had career experience that added greatly to how they approached the lessons. The lecture presentations were easily on par with university instructors.The jam sessions were a great opportunity to 'put it all together'” - Shawnie Jozwiak

Chicago Blues Camp 2017 - Chess Records          Chicago Blues Camp 2017 - Bass Class
    Chicago Blues Camp visits Chess Studios                                              Bass Class with Ari Seder

"Food was great! Great location at the heart of downtown. Billy Flynn was great, not only showing us the songs, but tricks or variations to play them." - Gene Yano

Chicago Blues Camp 2017 - Rockin' Johnny &Gene Yano          Chicago Blues Camp 2017 - Tim Jozwiak               
                Rockin' Johnny Burgin and Gene Yano                                                        Tim Jozwiak

"For a first year, you really pulled it off. Flexed, learned on the fly! Evolved to a great project -enthusiasm never waned. FANTASTIC! Instructors were amazing. Loved the lectures/outings - a nice additional bonus" - Mike Enloe

Chicago Blues Camp 2017 - Animal?        Chicago Blues Camp 2017 - Jam night 
     Animal? (Kevin Stroud)                           Jam Night - Mike Enloe, "Lowreen" Lewis, Jan Bidwell

"Great camp - all instructors/speakers were very good; Billy Flynn is fantastic, very patient, knows everything." - Michael Taggart

Chicago Blues Camp 2017 - John Primer Class        Chicago Blues Camp 2017 - Gene & Michael              
                John Primer makes a point in guitar class                                           Gene and Michael     


CBC2017 photos from Chicago BLUES News