About Us

The Chicago Blues Camp offers you an exceptional experience to learn Chicago Blues that  will enhance your understanding and abilities. Our mission is to be the best place to learn to play Chicago-style Blues, and to create a unique and fulfilling immersion experience in the Chicago Blues music culture.

We seek to become a vital member of the Chicago Blues community, actively supporting and promoting Chicago Blues music, performers and venues. Through our camps, our goal is to share our expertise and appreciation of Chicago Blues so that others might love it and embrace it as we do and continue to support the musicians, clubs and festivals that make Chicago Blues come alive.

Chicago Blues Camp supports the Chicago Blues community by:

  • Hiring working Chicago Blues musicians as teachers, guest artists, lecturers and staff;
  • Providing training and education in Chicago Blues music history, culture, style and performance;
  • Providing access and guidance to the Chicago Blues community;
  • Donating 20% of our profits to Chicago Blues nonprofit organizations to support the blues community and help it thrive;
  • Sponsoring outings to listen to the Blues at the top Chicago Blues clubs; and
  • Supporting the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University by holding the camp at the university in downtown Chicago.


Brett Champlin
Executive Director
Lori Lewis
Singer/Band Leader